Useful resources

By the GenderEYE research team

Davies, J. (2020) The MITEY Guide for Careers Advisers.

Davies, J. (2020) The MITEY Guide to Communicating with Parents about Male Staff.

Davies, J. (2019) The MITEY Guide to Recruiting Men into Early Years Education.

Davies, J. (2019) Ten MITEY Myths…and How to Bust Them.

Warin, J. (Jan 2018) Men in Childcare: Gender balance and gender flexibility. Palgrave Macmillan.

Warin, J. (2017) Conceptualising the value of male practitioners in early childhood education and care (ECEC): Gender balance or gender flexibility. Gender and Education.

Fatherhood Institute (2017) ‘How can we attract more men into London’s Early Years workforce?’ 

Fatherhood Institute (2015) Men in Childcare Guide.

Fatherhood Institute (2014) Submission to Government consultation on careers advice.

By others

Wright, D. and Brownhill, S. (2018) Men in Early Years Settings: Building a Mixed Gender Workforce. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The Norwegian Framework Plan for Kindergartens (includes a video clip showing how ‘normalised’ is gender diversity in the early childhood education space).

Information about the Men in Kitas project in Germany.

Video clips about careers for men in early education and childcare:

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