Conference & Training

At the end of our GenderEYE research project, we want to share our findings with you!

By October 2020, the GenderEYE team will have spent two years researching the current recruitment, support and retention strategies for men working in Early Years Education. It is our aim to then disseminate the information and evidence that we have accumulated to those of you in the sector who can implement our finings in a positive way.

There are 3 ways in which we will achieve this:

End of Project Conference

The End of Project conference in Autumn 2020 will be aimed at an audience of practitioners, academics and key influencers within the sector. Keynotes will be provided from Warin, Emilsen, Davies and the project team.

Training event for managers

Around the same time the Fatherhood Institute, supported by the GenderEYE team will be running a free training event for managers of Early Years settings. Based on our findings, attendees will be provided with key insights and training to use best practice in recruiting, supporting and retaining male practitioners. Attendees to this session will become trained ‘MITEY Champions’ with the potential to cascade their training.

The Training Toolkit

To support the training event and end of project conference, the team is also going to produce a training toolkit which will be available on this and the Fatherhood Institute websites. Launched at the training event, the toolkit will include a ‘Performed ethnography’ script, which will also be available as separate training resource, as well as a set of ten commissioned photographs which will be created to illustrate the findings from the project.

If you wish to express your interest in the training, conference or GenderEYE training toolkit, please fill out the form to the right with your details and the item that you are interested in. We will then add you to our mailing list at the appropriate time.

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